Spot the Dogference

Last week, Spot the Dogference  came online as a public beta. Time to write a blog post about this project I worked on during my internship at Almer/Blank.

What is this game?

Spot the Dogference is an online game of spot the difference featuring pictures of dogs. It has 3 levels and one bonus level. You can share your score on twitter and it will be displayed on the spot the dogference website. Read more »

St.Moritz TV


After being here in Los Angeles for about 7 months I think its time to show you some of the projects I worked on. The first project I want to show you is St Moritz TV.

What is this project?
The website is a Web TV station with short videos about St. Moritz and the Engadine. The main goal of the website is to inform tourists and locals about events, art, dinning and shopping in St Moritz and its surroundings.

What was the goal?
The current version is a Beta site. Its focus is to see what the needs of the users are and how we can build the final version and what we have to improve. Because this is a Beta site we are asking for any feedback about the site and would highly appreciate if as many of you can try it and give us a  feedback. We want to find out how we can make it most enjoyable for its user.

But hey, let’s get geeky :)
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One week, time for a first review

One week ago, I arrived in Los Angeles. Since then, my life changed! America was different then I expected. Los Angeles is not big. Los Angeles is unbelievable huge. I struggled with many problems I thought I will never have, other things seems to be very easy. But all in all. It is a great experience being here.
Venice Beach

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The real start of the internship and living healthy

Now I started work. After my short trip to the office on Monday I started my first day at Almer / Blank yesterday. I will work on a redesign for a community platform. My first approach will be the analyse of existing functions and stuff which is missing. I will have to search for similar projects and have to analyse them. Working on this projects is interesting and I can work independent. I will have to analyse and research a lot. After the research I will focus on user experience and the user interface. I will redesign the hole website and build a new template in Flash or Flex.

What happened back home. I still live with my roommates in the small house in Venice. The dogs are now used to me and do not bark anymore when I pass them or enter the house. Amaya, the owner of the house is a belly dance instructor. Nearly everyday she holds classes in the dance room. My room mates are very friendly. They are very much into pets. As many of you know I’m not but I got used to the cats at my girlfriends flat. :-) But as you know, dogs aren’t cats and smell different. *no comment* Unfortunately the rent is quite expensive and I will need to look for a cheaper place in order to have enough money to pay my time in Venice. Another reason for looking for another flat is that my girlfriend will come to Venice in order to learn English. A colleague from work is helping me looking. Anyway, as long as I stay there I enjoy my breakfast in the garden. I usually sit in a small mosquito tent and have a cup of coffee and some Nutella toast and a fruit (orange).

Shopping in the Venice is different to shopping back home. The first supermarket I went to was full with junk food, lemonades and sweets. But I only wanted to buy a salad. There was no salad. I might should go back to this supermarket to take a photo. Without a salad but with an orange (the ones I eat for breakfast) I left the supermarket. At least they had one healthy thing there. It looked like I choose the wrong supermarket.
Next day I tried a different shop. This time I found my beloved salad but the price was a bit shocking, a salad is nearly double the price of a salad back home.
Lesson 1 for living in the USA: Healthy food is expensive!

Venice Beach – Funny people but lovely place

Hi everybody. After flying for ages I landed safely Los Angeles. Passing the customs and immigration took me only 1.5h. :-/ After leaving the airport, I took a shared Taxi to my shared flat in Venice. I live in a small house with a beautiful garden next to a golf course and a playground. The location is good. I can walk to the beach (25min) and to my office (15min). The house is charming and clean and my flatmates are very kind and gave me a warm welcome. Currently there are five pets around. Three cats and two dogs. The dogs scared me a bit in the beginning but they seems to be very well behaved.
In case anybody of you wants to get in contact with me here is my home address:

Michael Fretz
1042  Rose  Ave
Venice 90291

Today I had a brief look at the area I live in. I took the unicycle because its the only transport I have at the moment. I thought, Venice Beach, an arty place in the USA will be used to unicycles but its not. Every time I overtook or passed anybody they started talking to me. It was funny especially the strange people at the beach who tried to sell everything to me. There was even another guy at the beach with an unicycle but he tried to make money with being there with a one wheel bike. Maybe I should do that too.. :-)  Anyway, I enjoyed my  ride along bodybuilder, skateboarder, musicians, dancers, tattoo freaks, rockers, tourists,artists , runners, swimmers and salesman’s. Of course I went for a swim in the sea but the water was actually quite cold. My ride ended in Santa Monica Pier where I turned back to Venice Beach.
At the moment I sit in the beautiful garden from our flat, write this post and will start coding afterwards. Tomorrow I will start my internship at Almer / Blank.

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Internship at Almer/Blank and Adobe MAX

I did it! A long dream will come true. I can do an internship in the USA. On August 29th I will fly to Los Angeles. I will start my internship at Almer/Blank in Venice CA as a Actionscript and Flex developer. After overcoming all the VISA stuff and booking a flight I can finally go. A big “thank you” to everybody who supported me and believed in me. A special “thank you” to Markus Almer from Almer/Blank who provides the intern position, Martha and Naomi form AIPT (Supporting Company for the J1-VISA) and Dominik Brumm who helped me with the plane ticket and of course my parents who always believe in my dreams.

The only concern I have now, I NEED A ROOM!!! If anybody knows somebody who can help me, please contact me! I need a clean room near my office!
I’m also happy with just a couch for the first few days so I can sort out things locally..

Thanks for your help

While I stay in Venice, there is Adobe MAX in Los Angeles. A colleague from the Swiss Flash User Group (SFUG) could help me to find a Technical Assistant position. I look forward to help at following BYOL labs:
– Advanced Interaction Design and Designing for Data in Flash Catalyst
– Learning AS3 lab
I looking forward for this well known event.

Of course I will also blog during my time in Venice… Therefore make sure you follow me on twitter or RSS!