Spot the Dogference

Last week, Spot the Dogference  came online as a public beta. Time to write a blog post about this project I worked on during my internship at Almer/Blank.

What is this game?

Spot the Dogference is an online game of spot the difference featuring pictures of dogs. It has 3 levels and one bonus level. You can share your score on twitter and it will be displayed on the spot the dogference website. Read more »

L.A. Flash, Talk like a pirate day

Last Wednesday was the L.A.Flash user group meeting. I had the opportunity to join the meeting which is held in our office. The first talk was from Joshua Davis about his HYPE framework.Joshua Davis is an internationally-renowned artist, and Flash industry leader. Joshua Davis held a short discussion of the HYPE AS3 framework to help designers create unique interactive and animated compositions. He spoke from New York over Adobe Connect to us but will join us here in L.A at the LAFlashapaloozastock IV. If your interested check out the the talk on youtube. The second talk was from Leslie Wintner about the new Motion Tweens in Flash CS4 and the last talk of the night was from Iman Khabazian about Flash Team Tools like Catalyst, Flex, Subversion, Debugger and stuff like that.

La Flash meeting

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