Migros Terra Suisse – Who Is Muh

The last couple of weeks I had the possibility to work for Jung von Matt, one of the leading advertisement agencies in Europe. I worked on different small projects but mainly on the Migros Terra Suisse Microsite “Who is Muh”.

What is “Who is Muh”?
“Who is Muh” is an interactive platform for the Migros brand Terra Suisse. This interactive site shows different animals from the Terra Suisse program and explains what each animal does and how the animals are being treated and raised by their farmers.

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Tutorial for a flash book made with InDesign CS4

It is quite a common problem: You are a graphic designer and would like to present your portfolio online. You know the basic skills of designing a InDesign CS4 document but your not having any idea how to present your document online.
For this problem, I would like to explain in a small tutorial how to present an InDesign Document as a Flash file. Afterwards you only have to upload it to your webserver and your job is done.
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Example of a flash book made with InDesign CS4
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Aufnahmeprüfung bestanden

Nachdem ich im Herbst 2006 in den Kompass-Vorkurs an der HGKZ (neu ZHdK) eingetretten war, habe ich die Aufnahmeprüfung für die Vertiefungsrichtung Interaction Design an der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste probiert.

Die lange Vorbereitungszeit hat sich gelohnt. Ich wurde angenommen.

Wer meine CD-Rom anschauen möchte mit welcher ich mich beworben habe kann diese hier tun -> CD-ROM

Fotos aus dem Kompas sind hier zu finden -> Fotos