My talk at L.A. Flex User Group Meeting in January

Some of you probably read my article about Font Embedding in Actionscript 3 projects. In the January L.A. Flex User Group meeting, Tom Bray recorded my talk about MojoFont. MojoFont is an Eclipse Plugin for easy Font Embedding in Flex, FDT or Eclipse. It was a good experience to speak to the L.A. Flex group. Thank you Tom for letting me a part of it. If you want to see my talk watch this video.

My talk about MojoFont at L.A. Flex User Group

Unfortunately the picture quality is not really good but if you want to know more about Font Embedding with MojoFont read my post about Font Embedding in Actionscript 3.

Font Embedding in Actionscript Projects

While working on Actionscript projects you will have to use fonts quite often. There are many ways how you can embed a font into your project. In this post I will illustrate different ways of how to do that and I would like to demonstrate a very easy way with MojoFont.

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XML Visualization with AS3.0, Tween Lite, MojoFont, PHP 5 and MySQL

One of the main reason I use Actionscript 3.0 is to create data visualization. Most times the data is saved in a XML or database. Therefore I would like to show you some parts of of a recently developed program.
Here is an example of the final result.

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