Spot the Dogference

Last week, Spot the Dogference  came online as a public beta. Time to write a blog post about this project I worked on during my internship at Almer/Blank.

What is this game?

Spot the Dogference is an online game of spot the difference featuring pictures of dogs. It has 3 levels and one bonus level. You can share your score on twitter and it will be displayed on the spot the dogference website. Read more »

Internship at Almer/Blank and Adobe MAX

I did it! A long dream will come true. I can do an internship in the USA. On August 29th I will fly to Los Angeles. I will start my internship at Almer/Blank in Venice CA as a Actionscript and Flex developer. After overcoming all the VISA stuff and booking a flight I can finally go. A big “thank you” to everybody who supported me and believed in me. A special “thank you” to Markus Almer from Almer/Blank who provides the intern position, Martha and Naomi form AIPT (Supporting Company for the J1-VISA) and Dominik Brumm who helped me with the plane ticket and of course my parents who always believe in my dreams.

The only concern I have now, I NEED A ROOM!!! If anybody knows somebody who can help me, please contact me! I need a clean room near my office!
I’m also happy with just a couch for the first few days so I can sort out things locally..

Thanks for your help

While I stay in Venice, there is Adobe MAX in Los Angeles. A colleague from the Swiss Flash User Group (SFUG) could help me to find a Technical Assistant position. I look forward to help at following BYOL labs:
– Advanced Interaction Design and Designing for Data in Flash Catalyst
– Learning AS3 lab
I looking forward for this well known event.

Of course I will also blog during my time in Venice… Therefore make sure you follow me on twitter or RSS!