Shanghai World Expo 2010

A couple of days ago I had the chance to visit the Expo in Shanghai, China. The Expo site is impressive and unbelievable huge. Same with the amount of people. There are pavilions, for example the Swiss one, on which you have to wait for hours just to go in.  But even without going into the different pavilions its an amazing place to be. The building have all a really fantastic architecture and try to impress with its appearance.

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My talk at L.A. Flex User Group Meeting in January

Some of you probably read my article about Font Embedding in Actionscript 3 projects. In the January L.A. Flex User Group meeting, Tom Bray recorded my talk about MojoFont. MojoFont is an Eclipse Plugin for easy Font Embedding in Flex, FDT or Eclipse. It was a good experience to speak to the L.A. Flex group. Thank you Tom for letting me a part of it. If you want to see my talk watch this video.

My talk about MojoFont at L.A. Flex User Group

Unfortunately the picture quality is not really good but if you want to know more about Font Embedding with MojoFont read my post about Font Embedding in Actionscript 3.

Adobe MAX 2009, Los Angeles, California

Adobe MAX

What is Adobe MAX? Adobe Max describes them self as following:

We are in a software revolution fueled by social computing, client and cloud, and the spread of rich media across screens and devices. For four unforgettable days this October, MAX 2009 will bring together thousands of designers, developers, and decision-makers to shape the future. (Source

My feedback after visiting this event in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Ribbit Workshop

Add Communication to your Applications with Ribbit


On Sunday, October 4th, I had the change to visit a workshop about the Ribbit mobile service at the Rich Media Institute in Venice. I could see some examples how to build a Text message application in Flex or Flash and saw different ways to build a phone application. The combination between Actionscript 3 and a telephone system is quite interesting and I see a great potential in it.

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LAFlashapaloozastock IV review

The saturday before Adobe MAX we hadLAFlashapaloozastock from FITC in our company.flashappoluzza
I went to this event with Marcel Vogt from Switzerland who came to L.A. for Adobe MAX. We heard a couple of very interesting talks from Joshua Davis and Joshua Hirsch. After all the presentations our offices changed to a party location. I was amazied because there was free food and free alcohol for everybody. Later the night, we got a pole-dance girl a strip-these dancer as well as a magician. It was good fun. Personally I think, that more conferences should have a fun factor like LAFlashapaloozastock. Because of this relaxed after party I got in touch with many people and had a really good time.

LAFlashapaloozastock IV

In a few days Adobe MAX will start. Before and during Adobe MAX there will be many other events. I will help at LAFlashapaloozastock because this event is held in our office. Here some more Infos about this Event.

LAFlashapaloozastock IV is a FREE event for interactive designers, developers, artists, companies and the people that enjoying hanging with. This year is scheduled to be the biggest event so far, as a pre-MAX 09 “free festival”:

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