Website for Sridhanwantari published

Together with my company Cubera Solutions GmbH I published a new client website. It was our first project together with our new graphic designer and friend Michèle Gnos. Building this website with her was a good and successful experience.
The website is about Ayurveda therapy in Indonesia, a special therapy for many different problems.

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Migros Terra Suisse – Who Is Muh

The last couple of weeks I had the possibility to work for Jung von Matt, one of the leading advertisement agencies in Europe. I worked on different small projects but mainly on the Migros Terra Suisse Microsite “Who is Muh”.

What is “Who is Muh”?
“Who is Muh” is an interactive platform for the Migros brand Terra Suisse. This interactive site shows different animals from the Terra Suisse program and explains what each animal does and how the animals are being treated and raised by their farmers.

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Lately I came across an old project I build back in 2008. It‘s not the latest project but for some of you it might be quite interesting to see what I worked on quite some time ago. The project NOMA was a CD-ROM for the Noma-Hilfe Schweiz  which helps poor people with NOMA. I worked on this project because I think its very important for people to know what NOMA  is and how we can help people with NOMA.

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Internship Project 2 : Almer Blank Labs


My second project from the time of my internship which i want to show you is the Almer Blank Labs. This project is currently online and can be seen at I designed and developed the WordPress Theme. The design goal for me was to create a design which is clean but also gives the impression of a lab. It should show what we guys at Almer/Blank do or what we look at. The posts get syndicated from different employee blogs and I had to make sure that the pictures and other formatting stuff from other sites work on our site.

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Studio Revo

My roommate Junya Sakino is a talented filmmaker here in Los Angeles. In the last couple of days we quickly build his website. The site is WordPress driven and uses a couple different plugins. The website design was created by Junya and I build it into WordPress. I used the capricon theme but changed quite some stuff. The reason why I mention this website here on my blog is because its a good example for a small and easy website build with WordPress. Using WordPress as a CMS is one of the quickest solutions and its easy for both, the developer and the

Visit his website:

St.Moritz TV


After being here in Los Angeles for about 7 months I think its time to show you some of the projects I worked on. The first project I want to show you is St Moritz TV.

What is this project?
The website is a Web TV station with short videos about St. Moritz and the Engadine. The main goal of the website is to inform tourists and locals about events, art, dinning and shopping in St Moritz and its surroundings.

What was the goal?
The current version is a Beta site. Its focus is to see what the needs of the users are and how we can build the final version and what we have to improve. Because this is a Beta site we are asking for any feedback about the site and would highly appreciate if as many of you can try it and give us a  feedback. We want to find out how we can make it most enjoyable for its user.

But hey, let’s get geeky :)
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Change image size in CSS if div tag is smaller than the image

I run into the problem that I had a div tag with a certain width. From a external site I loaded some content in this div tag. The problem was that I did not have the control over the pictures loaded from this external server. Some pictures where bigger then the size of the div tag. I didn’t had the possibility to take the picture and make them smaller with PHP as the source of the picture had to be on the external server. And furthermore, I needed a solution in CSS or Javascript and couldn’t use something like phpThumb.

My solution was to use this:
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