About me

Hi everybody
May I introduce my self. My Name is Michael Fretz, I’m an Interaction Designer who studied at the university of the arts in Zurich, Switzerland. Born and grown 1982 in a little town in the suburb of Zurich. I worked for companies like Almer/Blank in Venice, California USA or Jung von Matt, Switzerland. Currently I’m self employed with my own company Cubera Solutions GmbH www.cubera.ch

Things I like:
my kids, coding, good design, innovative  people,  summer, electronic music, cycle ball and travelling!

Things I don’t like:
rain, unreliability, cold, slow computers, old browsers :)

Things I did:
..an apprenticeship as a sparky (electrician) at EKZ
..worked as an service electrician at Schibli
..founded my own web design company called Cubera Solutions GmbH
..developed Flash movies for Geberit and helped out in the usability testing
..Internship as a PHP and Actionscript developer at dCTRL
..worked as an Freelance for different companys like dCTRL,
Kitsuné Interaction Design, Feinheit, University of the arts Zurich (ZHdK)…
..Internship at Almer/Blank in Venice, California USA
..worked as a Freelancer for Publicis and Jung von Matt Zürich

Things I learned at school:
..I studied interaction design in the bachelor program at the university of the arts in Zurich
..web publisher SIZ
..institution of higher technical education (Technische BMS Zurich)

..English (fluent written and oral )
..French (basics)

Some stuff I worked with:

Software development
..Actionscript 3

Ommnigraffle, Flex, FDT,  Catalyst, Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign

Frameworks and libraries:
Zend, jQuery, Script.aculo.us, Sprite, WordPress, Tween-lite/Max, openCV

Software- and hardware projects

Physical Computing:
Arduino, Daka, different sensor technologies, electronics, kinect