Website for Sridhanwantari published

Together with my company Cubera Solutions GmbH I published a new client website. It was our first project together with our new graphic designer and friend Michèle Gnos. Building this website with her was a good and successful experience.
The website is about Ayurveda therapy in Indonesia, a special therapy for many different problems.

Wile building the design we tried to bring in the different “Doshas”:

  • Vata(Air, Wind) and Pitta (Water), this part should be demonstrated with the blue areas in the design. Furthermore we added a zodiac sign. The sign of Libra which stands for balance and stability.
  • Kapha is demonstrated with the use of the different brown colors.

We used plants in the design because its an important part of the Ayurveda therapy.

Another aspect of building the design was the simplicity. We focused on a easy to use layout and tried to make it a clean and fast loading design.

Behind the website we used the Cubera CMS, a content management system build by our company. This way we can provide a easy cms for our client without making the maintain for the client to complicated. The website is build in French and English.

Thanks to Michèle Gnos for this great Design and Dominik Brumm for his support with the CMS.

Visit the website here: