Migros Terra Suisse – Who Is Muh

The last couple of weeks I had the possibility to work for Jung von Matt, one of the leading advertisement agencies in Europe. I worked on different small projects but mainly on the Migros Terra Suisse Microsite “Who is Muh”.

What is “Who is Muh”?
“Who is Muh” is an interactive platform for the Migros brand Terra Suisse. This interactive site shows different animals from the Terra Suisse program and explains what each animal does and how the animals are being treated and raised by their farmers.

Terra Suisse Animals and there Language
In the section animals and their language each animal explains briefly how they are being treated and what they do all day long. Each animal explains some things about its live and the environment it grows up in.

Muh Mix
The Muh Mix is a game like part of the site. Per drag and drop users can place animals into a play-list and arrange the order of the animal voices. If a user is happy with his choice he can play the song he created, share it on Facebook or send it through an email to his friends. If a user thinks the song he just made is great he can download it as an mp3 or m4r (iPhone Ring-tone format).

iPhone App
In addition to this site there is an iPhone app, available on the iTunes Store. Install it and enjoy cute animals on your phone.

Coding Base
The hole application is build in Object Oriented AS3. I was able to apply some design patterns in this app, for example I applied the singelton pattern on the objects that store the data in the application. This enabled me easy access to all my data from anywhere in the application.. Everything language related is saved in XML and dynamicaly loaded by the migros website. The platform runs on a FreeBSD server managed by my own Company Cubera Solutions GmbH. For generating the mp3 and m4r we created a php script which concatted the different small animal sound fragments to one mp3 file and for the secondary download option as m4r we used ffmpeg to convert.

Looking back
After finishing this project I’m very happy with it. All requested functionality could be built even-though we didn’t know if it is possible in the first place. The site works quite good and its cute and fun to play with it.
Many thanks to Claude Ebersold from Jung von Matt for providing all the cute graphics and for pushing me to work all day and night. Also thanks to Nadja Holdener for helping us where-ever help was needed, for creating many of the animations, and especially for learning and handling SVN so quickly. A special thank goes to Matthias Adolf for leading the project and letting me be part of it. Thank you all!

Try it
You can try this application here (german)