WUZU 2009 – Industrial Design with Chinese Students

Last summer I had the change to be part of an international project at the university of the arts with Chinese students. In the project WUZU 2009 we worked in mixed groups of Chinese and Swiss students on Industrial Design projects. The topic was “Food and Drink”.

For our project about food or drink we came up with many different ideas. We thought about four main subjects. Times & Food, Eating on our way, Games & Food and Shapes of our Food. For the subject: “Shapes of our Food” we came up the idea of making a redesign of TOBLERONE. We thought it would be interesting to redesign the triangle and make it more interesting while it still has its original shape. The main goal would be to replace the blank triangle through an icon of some place of interests. The triangle will be still made with chocolate but may play with black and white chocolate or its structure. This could make a new TOBLERONE for special events or places of interest. The main target group will be tourists and event organiser.

After finding our idea we decided to build a prototype. First we designed the structure in Illustrator, afterwards we went to the workshop and used the laser cutter to bring our digital file to a real prototype. Afterwards we only had to paint the small pieces and we had our first prototype. Fortunately we could not eat it otherwise we would not have any pictures :-)

Set of possible triangles (btw: do you  see the bear in the Toblerone Logo)

The World Exhibition Shanghai triangle…

Annie, Michael, Epon, Connie, the EMAC team :-)

Overall it was a great experience. We had a lot of fun and ate plenty of TOBLERONE. I really enjoyed to work in my great team. This summer I will visit my friends in Shanghai again. This time my class will be the guests at the Chinese university and we will do some Industrial Design projects there.

Download PDF documentation