Internship Project 2 : Almer Blank Labs


My second project from the time of my internship which i want to show you is the Almer Blank Labs. This project is currently online and can be seen at I designed and developed the WordPress Theme. The design goal for me was to create a design which is clean but also gives the impression of a lab. It should show what we guys at Almer/Blank do or what we look at. The posts get syndicated from different employee blogs and I had to make sure that the pictures and other formatting stuff from other sites work on our site.

My main work on this project was to create the design, build it into HTML and CSS and write the necessary changes in PHP. During this process I tried to optimize the site for search engines and diffrent devices. If you visit the blog on a mobile device like an iPhone or any Android Phone you will see a different, for small screens optimized version of the blog.

labsalmerblank3 on my HTC Hero