St.Moritz TV


After being here in Los Angeles for about 7 months I think its time to show you some of the projects I worked on. The first project I want to show you is St Moritz TV.

What is this project?
The website is a Web TV station with short videos about St. Moritz and the Engadine. The main goal of the website is to inform tourists and locals about events, art, dinning and shopping in St Moritz and its surroundings.

What was the goal?
The current version is a Beta site. Its focus is to see what the needs of the users are and how we can build the final version and what we have to improve. Because this is a Beta site we are asking for any feedback about the site and would highly appreciate if as many of you can try it and give us a  feedback. We want to find out how we can make it most enjoyable for its user.

But hey, let’s get geeky :)
What technology did I use?

Video player with Open Source Media Framework:

The player is built with the Adobes Open Source Media Framework. We had to add some functionality into the player as the version we used didn’t have all functions we needed by the time we developed it. For example we had to build in a video time calculator and a function to read the source for the videos from the XML. Furthermore I had to implement a function to allow jumping to a requested video. For this I used external interface in actionscript to send data into the player from the html page. In this way I do not have to reload the website again if a new video should be played. Of course the play-list is continuously loading the next video as soon as the current video finished playing.

Next Up
The “NextUp” area is build with flash and reads the same XML as the video player. Every time a new video starts to play the video player calls a Javascript function in the html site. This Javascript function send the current played video into the NextUp flash file where I update the view class. If one of the nodes will be pressed in the “Nextup”, it calls a Javascript function too and sends the requested video to the video player.
HTML, CSS and Javascript
I created, based on the delivered design by Almer/Blank, the HTML and CSS part of the website. Different Javascript functions are responsible for handling the requested videos and advertisement .

Web hosting
The current version of StMoritzTV is hosted byCubera Solutions GmbH. Hosting on a Swiss web hosting company helps us to keep ping time low and provides us with a reliable service.
Happy testing :)