Book review: Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Image Effects

This book is one of my favorite Actionscript books. The author writes in an understandable and clear way. The examples are on topic and clear in the understanding. The book covers a wide variety of different aspects in the use of image effects and image processing in Actionscript 3. The target audience are definitely not for beginners or coders new to Actionscript, but for coders with medium or more advanced level. This book is definitely worth your time to dive into and gives you a lot of new ideas. For instance, what you can do with your web-cam, images or other visual projects. One part of it I really like is the explanation of the mathematical aspect of this topic. I wish my math teacher would have explained it as well as this book ;)
I haven’t finished the entire book yet and I’m exited to read the rest.
Actionscript 3.0 Image Effects

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