XML Visualization with AS3.0, Tween Lite, MojoFont, PHP 5 and MySQL

One of the main reason I use Actionscript 3.0 is to create data visualization. Most times the data is saved in a XML or database. Therefore I would like to show you some parts of of a recently developed program.
Here is an example of the final result.

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Font Embedding

Because most time you visualize data you need to write some text to it. If you have done any pure ActionScript projects in Flex or FDT you know this stuff sucks. The resulting code looks like this and it takes hours of googling to get to the right embed parameters/tags.

Font embedding

But now the way of font handling in Actionscript changed. My colleague Philipp Laeubli created a plugin for eclipse which makes font embedding a piece of cake. If your interested in this, just apply for a private beta account on mojofont.badmojo.ch.
Here a little example how to embed a font with the mojofont plugin.
Font embedding with mojofont

Instead of writing a whole bunch of metacode and doing some strange font registration, you import your font, and then you can use ist like this: Helvetica.createTextField(). Thats it. All the nasty embedding code and other things are completely handled by the plugin which generates a simple to use and embed swc file.

For the hole tweening I used the tweenlite library from http://blog.greensock.com/tweenliteas3/. In my opinion it is one of the best tweening libarys and very easy to use.

XML Loading
I wrote a XMLLoader class. The XMLLoader class loads the hole data of the XML into a String. As soon as its finishes with loading, it dispatches an event. With the getter methods its easy to recive the data and use it afterwards in your programm.


PHP File to generate XML
Many of you will ask why I id use XML. In my opinion its the easiest way of recieving data and its easy to generate it from a database. To generate the XML file I developed a PHP file. This file connects to a MySQL database and loads the whole content of the defined table.  At the moment you will have to define the used fields by hand. First of all, be sure you have all the needed fields in your database. Afterwards change the values in the begin of the mysqlToXML.php file. You have two options. 1: Make the PHP file look like an XML after loading it or 2: let it generate an external file. The first one is the better way if you change often data but dont have to many visitors. The option with the external file is a good option if you want to save database connections because you only ned to generate the XML file once you have changed some data. If you use the external XML file option, be sure that you have the write permission set on your webspace. After you generated your XML just make sure your XML loader class in your Actionscript project knows the path to the file. If you use the other option just add the path of the mysqlToXML.php in your Actionscript project.
Download mysqlToXML.php