Tutorial for a flash book made with InDesign CS4

It is quite a common problem: You are a graphic designer and would like to present your portfolio online. You know the basic skills of designing a InDesign CS4 document but your not having any idea how to present your document online.
For this problem, I would like to explain in a small tutorial how to present an InDesign Document as a Flash file. Afterwards you only have to upload it to your webserver and your job is done.
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Example of a flash book made with InDesign CS4

1) Open Adobe InDesign (probably most of you like me can take a cup of coffee ’til this step is done :-)
2) Design you super cool document or open an existing one.
3) Go to File -> Export
4) As format choose “SWF”
5) Choose a destination to save your file
6) Customize your settings.
7) Press OK and wait till the export is done.
8) In your export folder you will have a HTML and a SWF file. Upload it and enjoy.