Ventana – Interactive Shop Window – Bachelor Project

Today, retail stores are finding themselves in a fierce competition with e-commerce stores. By bringing the latest technologies to these physical locations, Ventana is trying to provide a solution to this problem. Installed in the shop‘s window, Ventana enables passing potential customers to interact with a digital representation of the store‘s inventory. Now, well informed, the customer is more likely to enter the shop.
Ventana is designed to allow the presentation of any kind of information. It could be used to present fashion, jewelry or a restaurants menu. For our purposes Ventana is showing two products thematizing the US city New York. By the mere presence in front of the window a user can navigate and interactively experience the digital space.
The non-stop availability of the stores inventory breaks the boundaries between the digital and the real world and has the potential to attract many more customers. And as touch-less sensors become more affordable we will see many more applications of this kind, which will open up a range of completely new possibilities. Kinect, for example, would allow us to determine a customers body size and use it as a filter on the inventory and thus tailoring the information to the users needs.

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Punkt.Fizen – Android and Arduino powered Bike Navigation

How does one orient oneself while biking, for example as a tourist? You certainly will read traffic signs, ask people for direction or use a tourist-map. But at least the last example will force you to stop the bike. How could we provide a navigation, where the flow remains undisturbed?
The user will need a very unimposing feedback where to go.

Punkt.Fizn is an Android and Arduino powered bike navigation system. Unlike most navigation systems we didn’t focus on a display. Instead directions will be given only through vibrations in the handlebars. Riding a bike with Punkt.Fizn is like knowing your way already.

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Breathing Pillow

The user should be pleasantly guided to sleep to release him from his everyday stress.

Basic idea
Our pillows will relax the user with a rhythmical movement. We believe the rhythm of the breath can be influenced by the cushions move. The pillow adapts the breathing rate of the user and is then, after a while, replacing the movement of the pillow with a slowing, regular rhythm. This transition will happen smoothly. The user is not aware of a new respiratory rate to impose. The rate should be lowered to a normal breathing pattern during sleep. Once the system detects that the user is asleep the pillow stops breathing.

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Color Browse – iPhone App

Color Browse is an iPhone application that allows you to easily discover the huge archive of the poster collection of the University of the Arts Zürich. As the average user is rarely familiar with the exact artist names or other search criteria, I decided to pursue an approach that let’s the user sample a color to discover posters containing mainly that sampled color. This approach makes it possible to surf endlessly through the posters and discover new posters and artists at the same time. If a user is interested in a poster he then can retrieve more information about it. Using the iPhones touch screen the user can move his finger over the surface of a displayed poster and a display shows the color currently below the finger. When the user removes the finger the color is selected and a new poster is loaded that has an average color value of the selected color.

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Website for Sridhanwantari published

Together with my company Cubera Solutions GmbH I published a new client website. It was our first project together with our new graphic designer and friend Michèle Gnos. Building this website with her was a good and successful experience.
The website is about Ayurveda therapy in Indonesia, a special therapy for many different problems.

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WUZU 2010 – The Ice Jewelry Project

About WUZU10

WUZU is a long-term collaborative program between the Jiangnan University and the Industrial Design department of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK). Alternating every year, one university hosts a joint international summer school. Since its inception in 2004, the WUZU program has stated an example of successful collaboration between Chinese and European universities.
This years WUZU 2010 program was organised by the School of Design at the Jiangnan University in China.

The Subject was “YOU•WU”. The program started in June 2010, when 11 students and 2 professors from the ZHDK had the opportunity to fly to China and meet their educational partners; 20 students and 4 professors from the Jiangnan University. Together they conceived and designed a product that will be exhibited in September in the pavilion “Basel Geneva Zurich” at the Expo in Shanghai.
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Shanghai World Expo 2010

A couple of days ago I had the chance to visit the Expo in Shanghai, China. The Expo site is impressive and unbelievable huge. Same with the amount of people. There are pavilions, for example the Swiss one, on which you have to wait for hours just to go in.  But even without going into the different pavilions its an amazing place to be. The building have all a really fantastic architecture and try to impress with its appearance.

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Migros Terra Suisse – Who Is Muh

The last couple of weeks I had the possibility to work for Jung von Matt, one of the leading advertisement agencies in Europe. I worked on different small projects but mainly on the Migros Terra Suisse Microsite “Who is Muh”.

What is “Who is Muh”?
“Who is Muh” is an interactive platform for the Migros brand Terra Suisse. This interactive site shows different animals from the Terra Suisse program and explains what each animal does and how the animals are being treated and raised by their farmers.

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Using AJAX To Load Data From PHP Into Your Website

A few days ago I had to build a web-app for a mobile device. The problem was, that some external input device changed values in a database and I had to make this visible in my web-app.

I came across a good solution from the w3c school. The problem was that this only updated with a user input. Therefore I changed quite some part of their script and made it easy understandable. To keep the coding part as small and easy as possible, I will not access a database in my example. My PHP script only displays the PHP function date(“H:i:s”); which shows the current time. You could easy build what ever you want in the the PHP script but keep in mind that this code will be called often and could slow down  your server if you have many users and a short refresh time and therefore to many requests to your server.

Whats do you need in order to see this example.
I created this example in three files.
– The HTML File
– The Javascript File
– The PHP File
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Spot the Dogference

Last week, Spot the Dogference  came online as a public beta. Time to write a blog post about this project I worked on during my internship at Almer/Blank.

What is this game?

Spot the Dogference is an online game of spot the difference featuring pictures of dogs. It has 3 levels and one bonus level. You can share your score on twitter and it will be displayed on the spot the dogference website. Read more »


Lately I came across an old project I build back in 2008. It‘s not the latest project but for some of you it might be quite interesting to see what I worked on quite some time ago. The project NOMA was a CD-ROM for the Noma-Hilfe Schweiz  which helps poor people with NOMA. I worked on this project because I think its very important for people to know what NOMA  is and how we can help people with NOMA.

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WUZU 2009 – Industrial Design with Chinese Students

Last summer I had the change to be part of an international project at the university of the arts with Chinese students. In the project WUZU 2009 we worked in mixed groups of Chinese and Swiss students on Industrial Design projects. The topic was “Food and Drink”.

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Using Terminal For Tracing In Actionscript Projects


I think all of you know how to use trace in a flash project therefore I will target only on how to set up an easy tracing environment. I use terminal to display my traces on my Mac. I think this is an convenient way if you work on a dual screen environment. What do you need to do?
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My talk at L.A. Flex User Group Meeting in January

Some of you probably read my article about Font Embedding in Actionscript 3 projects. In the January L.A. Flex User Group meeting, Tom Bray recorded my talk about MojoFont. MojoFont is an Eclipse Plugin for easy Font Embedding in Flex, FDT or Eclipse. It was a good experience to speak to the L.A. Flex group. Thank you Tom for letting me a part of it. If you want to see my talk watch this video.

My talk about MojoFont at L.A. Flex User Group

Unfortunately the picture quality is not really good but if you want to know more about Font Embedding with MojoFont read my post about Font Embedding in Actionscript 3.

Internship Project 2 : Almer Blank Labs


My second project from the time of my internship which i want to show you is the Almer Blank Labs. This project is currently online and can be seen at I designed and developed the WordPress Theme. The design goal for me was to create a design which is clean but also gives the impression of a lab. It should show what we guys at Almer/Blank do or what we look at. The posts get syndicated from different employee blogs and I had to make sure that the pictures and other formatting stuff from other sites work on our site.

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Studio Revo

My roommate Junya Sakino is a talented filmmaker here in Los Angeles. In the last couple of days we quickly build his website. The site is WordPress driven and uses a couple different plugins. The website design was created by Junya and I build it into WordPress. I used the capricon theme but changed quite some stuff. The reason why I mention this website here on my blog is because its a good example for a small and easy website build with WordPress. Using WordPress as a CMS is one of the quickest solutions and its easy for both, the developer and the

Visit his website:

St.Moritz TV


After being here in Los Angeles for about 7 months I think its time to show you some of the projects I worked on. The first project I want to show you is St Moritz TV.

What is this project?
The website is a Web TV station with short videos about St. Moritz and the Engadine. The main goal of the website is to inform tourists and locals about events, art, dinning and shopping in St Moritz and its surroundings.

What was the goal?
The current version is a Beta site. Its focus is to see what the needs of the users are and how we can build the final version and what we have to improve. Because this is a Beta site we are asking for any feedback about the site and would highly appreciate if as many of you can try it and give us a  feedback. We want to find out how we can make it most enjoyable for its user.

But hey, let’s get geeky :)
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Font Embedding in Actionscript Projects

While working on Actionscript projects you will have to use fonts quite often. There are many ways how you can embed a font into your project. In this post I will illustrate different ways of how to do that and I would like to demonstrate a very easy way with MojoFont.

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Book review: Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Image Effects

This book is one of my favorite Actionscript books. The author writes in an understandable and clear way. The examples are on topic and clear in the understanding. The book covers a wide variety of different aspects in the use of image effects and image processing in Actionscript 3. The target audience are definitely not for beginners or coders new to Actionscript, but for coders with medium or more advanced level. This book is definitely worth your time to dive into and gives you a lot of new ideas. Read more »

Change image size in CSS if div tag is smaller than the image

I run into the problem that I had a div tag with a certain width. From a external site I loaded some content in this div tag. The problem was that I did not have the control over the pictures loaded from this external server. Some pictures where bigger then the size of the div tag. I didn’t had the possibility to take the picture and make them smaller with PHP as the source of the picture had to be on the external server. And furthermore, I needed a solution in CSS or Javascript and couldn’t use something like phpThumb.

My solution was to use this:
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